European Master in Software Engineering

TensorFlow: Machine Learning for everybody


In this talk we will present several examples that show how machine learning is used today and how anyone can take advantage of this technology.

Dr. Sergio Guadarrama is a Senior Software Engineer at Google Research, where he works in Machine Perception and Deep Learning as a member of the Vale team. His research focus is on new deep network architectures for multi-task dense predictions, such as object detection, instance segmentation, depth prediction and visual question-answering. Currently he is a core developer of TensorFlow and co-creator of TensorFlow-Slim. Before joining Google he was a Research Scientist at University of California, Berkeley EECS with Prof. Trevor Darrell and Prof. Lotfi Zadeh. He received his Bachelor and PhD degrees from the Technical University of Madrid, and did a postdoc at the European Center for Soft Computing with Prof. Enric Trillas.

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