European Master in Software Engineering

IoT Mining


The Internet of Things is changing both the way in which consumers behave and how businesses can interact with them. The massive data generated by the Internet of Things (IoT) are considered of high business value, and data mining algorithms can be applied to IoT to extract hidden information from data. That information gives the industries (from retailers to hotels) the tools and insights to transform their businesses. Through implementing an effective Internet of Things strategy, businesses can significantly improve, automate and refine business processes, reduce operational costs, integrate channels, and most importantly, better understand and engage with customers. In this seminar we will see use-case scenarios of mining Wifi & BLE (Bluetooth low energy) data to support sound business decisions with clearly defined ROI.


  1. IoTdata, what and where is it?
  2. Mining? What for? Business understanding: the forgotten issue
  3. CRISP-DM: an industrial process for Data Mining
  4. How to handle such amount of streaming data? Big & Fast data
  5. Examples of ROI-driven IoT data mining practices and results

Assessment Method

Attendance and participation


0.5 ECTS


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