European Master in Software Engineering

Neuroscience focus on Big Data


Recent developments in Neuroscience are providing large amounts of data that need to be analyzed, interpreted and applied. In this seminar we will briefly review the different processes that are implicated in the acquisition of neuroanatomical data and their analysis by tailored software tools. How this approach help us understand the brain will also be discussed.


  1. Why Neuroscience?
  2. Neuroscience as a source of Big Data
  3. Light and electron microscopy data acquisition
  4. Data management and analysis
  5. Are these data anyhow useful?

Assessment Method

Assistance plus a brief written discussion of open questions


0.5 ECTS


For last minute information, consult the document.


Lecture Theatre

Centro de Tecnología Biomédica (CTB), floor -1

Tuition Language


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