European Master in Software Engineering

Software Industry and its Global Impact


Only in the United States it is estimated that the software industry generates an impact on the economy of $1 trillion USD, generating 2.4 million direct jobs and 7.3 million indirect jobs that supports the industry (BSA 2016). The expectation for year 2020 is to grow up to 30% in the number of jobs associated to the software industry.

In this seminar, we will study the fundamentals of this industry, how it is structured, the main models used to reach global markets through the organization of sales and marketing of corporations. We will also discuss the strong interdependence between the software industry and the ICT industry in general. Part of the analysis will focus on the market and different strategies used by corporations to operate in emerging vs developed economies. The role of the institutions: governments, academia, professional associations, etc., as contributors to the feasibility and growth of the industry will be also analyzed.

Assessment Method

Based on class participation and a special teams project to apply the seminar concepts. Special teams project will be presented during the last seminar session.




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