European Master in Software Engineering

Gaming and computing: an inseparable part of 21st-century society


Play is the highest form of research (Albert Einstein).

PLAY is a primeval act and a 21st-century trend in the fields of marketing, leisure, business, education, health, etc. Computing is its biggest ally.

The goal of this seminar is to explore and define the relationships between gaming and computing and the ingredients to be taken into account in non-entertainment settings.

We use learner-friendly methods to explore serious games, video games and gamification, plus their links with computing, and we will examine the potential offered by gaming techniques and items.

Students solving an interactive exercise   Students playing during the lesson


Assessment Method

Assessment will be based on classroom attendance and participation and the development of practical assignments which students will have to present.




Both the classes and practical assignments of this seminar are designed according to an innovative experiential methodology. The seminar will be based on a shared human experience: PLAY.


Lecture Theatre


Tuition Language


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