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Scientific method



This seminar has 3 separate parts:

Introduction to the Scientific Method

We often write the word science with a capital letter, as if it were an ideal, objective, certain, eternal, neutral, substantial truth… and we imagine the term scientific method as the road towards science. But, untainted by idealism, What is science? What is the scientific method?

The aim of this seminar is to help students to analyse these questions personally and make up their own mind considering the many different perspectives.

Inquiry and reflection are the main resources of the seminar.

Recommended Reading

Identifying Open Research Problems

Students will learn how to search for open research problems derived from a literature review, including their classification, assessment of their importance, and existing methods for starting to tackle identified problems.

It is harder to ask a research question than to answer one. Often, a large part of the contribution of a research project is the question that it asks or the way in which it addresses a topic. This workshop will investigate what makes a good research project. Even more importantly, it will teach you concrete brainstorming techniques for coming up with a good research idea.


Documentation used can be downloaded from:

Scientific Papers Writing Workshop

Students will learn to write and structure a scientific paper using a series of techniques applied to a specific example.

It is essential to communicate your research effectively to other people. No matter how good your work is, it is wasted effort if others do not learn about it and understand it. Therefore, it is essential to communicate well. But writing is not just something that advertises your results at the end of a project: rather, the process of writing improves your understanding of your own work. This workshop will help you to become a better writer. It will discuss the structure of a research paper, together with both principles and practices to help you write good papers.


Documentation used can be downloaded from:

Assessment Method

The grading will take into account class participation and the completion of the assignments set in each part.





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