European Master in Software Engineering

Software Engineering in the Industry: a Collection of Experiences and Challenges


This seminar consists of several talks where experts coming from the industry are going to present an overview of how cutting edge best practices in software engineering are being applied in their companies and the challenges and obstacles derived from their adoption in IT projects.

Along the semester, we will add more talks to the list of talks.

List of Talks

TALK 1: How to make Multi-Speed IT Happen: adding new gears to existing IT
Lecturer: Alfonso Tamés Llana
Affiliation: Accenture Managing Director – Advanced Technologies & Architectures Ecosystem Lead
Abstract: Business today consume IT at several speeds all at once. Innovation and digital disruption require quick response, legacy systems call for deliberate care and shifting operating models need a pace of change somewhere in between. Two speeds are no longer enough for the modern IT organization. Unless organizations can master the art of delivering change at the pace demanded by each area of the business, they risk being relegated to tending legacy systems. Multi-speed IT is what the organizations should achieve to face those challenges, by bringing, together, traditional and new delivery methodologies and tools, network of skills and operating models.
Date: 2nd of March, 16:00 - 18:00
TALK 2: PMI Project Management overview
Lecturer: Francisco Javier Camarero Moles
Affiliation: Head of Project Management Education in Everis University
Abstract: Project Management Institute (PMI) is the reference and the most recognized professional association in the world of project management. PMI has developed the Project Management Book Of Knowledge, PMBOK Guide®, which includes the unique ANSI standard for project management. It focuses on the knowledge required to direct a project, regardless of the industry in which the project performs. The talk is an introduction to PMBOK Guide® with examples applied to IT Projects.
Date: 30th of March: 16:00 - 18:00, 31st of March: 17:00 - 19:00


Students will be asked to sign up at the entrance as proof of attendance.


0,5 ECTS



Lecture Theatre

Room 6202

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