European Master in Software Engineering


The profile of an EMSE graduate is a professional with advanced scientific, technological and economical training, qualified to lead and manage software development projects.

The education provided by the EMSE master will allow the graduate to reach, in different levels of depth, the general objectives of the title, as follows:

  1. Have the knowledge and skills of software development, as well as the required professional capabilities to work as software engineers in international contexts, in a variety of application domains, with demonstrated capabilities at least in one specific domain.
  2. Work efficiently as a member of a project team to develop high quality software, being able to lead the work in several development areas, like project management, requirements analysis, architecture or quality control
  3. Identify goal conflicts in software projects, being able to find solutions within the cost, time, existing knowledge and idiosyncratic constraints of the involved organizations.
  4. Design adequate software engineering solutions, attending existing ethical, social, legal, technological and economical constraints.
  5. Understand and appreciate the importance of feasibility analysis, negotiation, efficient work practices, leadership and good communication in the context of software development.
  6. Capability to learn new software development models, techniques and technologies as they come up, and appreciate the need of continual professional development.
  7. Capability to analyze the strenghts and weaknesses of software development technologies, becoming change agents within their own organizations.

Specific Degree Competences